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Sit,Sip, & Soak

Choose a flavor and sip on a complimentary drink corresponding with service

Nails & More



The quick fix for ones who are on the go.

Trim and shape nails, cuticle care, and polish.

(No sole care for Pedi)

Manicure 15

Pedicure 25


For our minimalist, the basic essentials for a brighter day.

Trim and shape nails, cuticle care, light massage, and polish

Manicure 20

Pedicure 30 includes sole care


T.L.C for hands and feet to shine again.

Trim and shape nails, cuticle care, scrub, massage, and polish

Manicure 25

Pedicure 35


• Lemon twist

• Cool as a cucumber

Rooty tootsies nice and footsies

• OJ

• Grapefruit

Teahouse “Cures”

• Green tea

• Oolong tea

• Peppermint



All the Bells and whistles to keep you shining far

Trim and shape nails, cuticle care, scrub, masque, massage, and polish

Manicure 30

Pedicure 45

Espresso Yourself

• Mocha

• Cappuccino

La La Latte Me

• Vanilla

• Green tea


"People, like nails, lose their effectiveness when they lose direction and begin to bend." Walter Savage Landor 

So let us put that fizz back into your sizz.

Trim and shape nails, cuticle care, scrub, masque, and massage

Manicure 40

Pedicure 55

Bubbly Hands and Feet

• Champagne and Roses

• Mimosa


Cheers! Share a drink with your hands and feet.

Spirit-infused soak, trim and shape nails, cuticle care, callus work, scrub, masque, paraffin, and massage.

Manicure 50

Pedicure 65

Cocktail Nails

• Cosmopolitan

• Margarita

• Screwdriver

• Seabreeze

Martini Madness

• Lemon Drop

• Pomegranate

• Dirty

Vino Therapy

• Red

• White

Lil Sparkle Manicure 15
(For children 8 yrs old and under)

Lil sparkle pedicure    20


Lil diva manicure 20
(for children 9-15 yrs old)
Lil diva pedicure  25

Shellac Manicure 35
French Shellac Manicure 45
Shellac Pedicure 45
French Shellac Pedicure 55

Gel Manicure 45
French Gel Manicure 55

Gellac O.P.I. Manicure 45
Gellac O.P.I. French Manicure 55
Gellac O.P.I. Pedicure 55
Gellac O.P.I. French Pedicure 65

a la carte

Polish Change 12
shaping and polish

French (extra 10)

nail art 5+

Paraffin 10

Soak off solar, gel and shellac w/o service   10

Soak off solar, gel and Shellac  5
(There is no charge for soaking off Shellac and getting Shellac redone.)

*Note: Shellac last up to 14 days. We will do
complimentary touch-ups up to 7 days if
Shellac chips under normal wear and tear.

Time estimates represent a scheduled block of time allotted towards your treatment. Actual times may vary.

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